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Eiffel Tower construction facts:
- Construction of Eiffel tower began on : 26th January 1887
- Year in which Eiffel tower is completely built: 31st March 1889
- Construction time of Eiffel tower : 2 years 2 months 5 days
- Designer of Eiffel Tower: Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
- Number of people who lost life during Eiffel Tower Construction:1
- Who is the owner of Eiffel Tower: The City of Paris
- What is Eiffel Tower made of : Cast Iron
- Number of iron bars used in Eiffel Tower:18,038
- Number of rivets used in Eiffel Tower:2,500,000 rivets
- Current color of Eiffel Tower: Brown
- How often does the Eiffel Tower gets painted: Every 7 years
- Number of painters to paint entire Eiffel Tower: 25 painters in 15 to 18 months
- Quantity of paint used : 60 tons

Facts about Eiffel Tower Height:
- Height of Eiffel tower with antenna:324 m or 1,062 feet
- Height of Eiffel tower without antenna:300m
- Height of First Level: 57.6m or 190 feet above ground
- Height of Second Level:1115.75m or 376 feet approximately
- Height of Third Level:276 m or almost 900 feet

Facts about Eiffel Tower Area:
- Breadth of Eiffel tower:125 meters on each pillar of the Eiffel Tower
- Surface area of Eiffel Tower: 220000 square meters

Facts about Eiffel Tower Weight:
- Total weight of Eiffel tower (including metallic & non-metallic): 10,100 tons
- Weight of Eiffel tower excluding the non-metallic parts: 7,300 tons

Facts about Eiffel Tower Steps and Elevators:
- Number of stories in Eiffel tower:108
- Number of steps from ground level to first platform :347 steps
- Number of steps from ground level to second platform :674 steps
- Number of steps from ground level to platform on the top :1710 steps
- How many elevators operate at Eiffel Tower :2 Elevators, departing approximately every 8 minutes

Eiffel Tower Visitor Facts:
- Visitors per Year: nearly 7 million visitors per year
- No. of visitors in 1906 : 182,399
- No. of visitors in 2005 : 6,428,441

Facts about working hours:
- Stairs: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm throughout the year, except June 15 to September 2: 9am to 12:30 am
- Elevators: 9:30 am to 11:45 pm. Last ascent of elevator is at 10.30 p.m.

Other interesting Eiffel Tower Facts:Adolf Hitler at Eiffel Tower
- Eiffel Tower has a Post Office at its first floor
- Can you climb up to the top of Eiffel tower using stairs? No. One can climb only to level 2 and should take elevator from there.
- Restaurants in Eiffel Tower: Altitude and Jules Verne
- Construction cost of Eiffel tower : 7,799,401.31 French gold francs in 1889
- Dedicated website for Eiffel Tower Facts: Eiffel Tower
- Official website for Eiffel tower: www.tour-eiffel.fr
- How many lights are on the Eiffel Tower? 5,000,000,000 lights
- Which structure surpassed it as the tallest building in the World and when? The Chrysler Building in 1930.
- In which year Eiffel Tower was sold by swindler Victor Lustig : 1925
- In which year radio transmission was operated at Eiffel Tower :1908
- In which first radio program broadcast from Eiffel Tower’s transmitter was done? 1953
- Year in which 700 m cable connected Palais de Chaillot and the Eiffel Tower :1989
- How French reacted when Hitler visited the tower: Elevators were disabled but they claimed there were no spare parts to replace, thinking he would climb the tower through stairs. But unfortunately he stayed at the ground.
- Year in which a person slid from Level 1 to ground of the Eiffel tower in bike : 1923
- Year in which Yuri Gagarin(first man to land on outer space) visited Eiffel Tower : 1963

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