Grevin Wax Museum

If you are in Paris, it would be insane if you don’t take a fascinating tour to the Musée Grévin. You can’t believe your eyes and ears after seeing more than 300 wax figures of world’s most famous people dramatically posing in incredible scenes. The Grévin museum was the idea of the journalist Arthur Meyer. He conveyed his idea of making the wax figures to the famous sculptor, Alfred Grévin and thus the dramatic lifelike scenes of historical and modern Paris was finally opened in 1882. Scroll down to see more information on Grévin museum.

Hall of Mirrors: 

Grevin Wax Museum

Grevin Wax Museum

The hall of mirrors which was created for the world exhibition 1900 was moved to Grévin museum in 1906. You can’t go home disappointed after seeing this sound and light show of Hall of mirrors. This hall of mirrors was completely renovated and reopened in 2006 with added special effects to give a spectacular show.

History of France: 
Rewind your years back and you will find the men and women who made the history of France. The history of France from middle age to present day is shown here. Some of the highlights shown here include second Napoleonic Empire, Jeanne d’Arc burning at the stake, Louis XIV and his court at Versailles and the assassination of Henri IV.

The tout paris theatre:
Is having a cocktail party with the stars is your longtime dream? Here it comes true. All you need to do is, go in evening dress and enjoy the party in a discreet atmosphere were top international singers perform. The celebrities you will meet here include Charles Aznavour, Roberto Benigni, Bernard Kouchner, Elton John, Monica Bellucci, Gérard Jugnot, Laurent Gerra, and Céline Dion.

 Paris Grévin magazine:
Are you bored of seeing the front page celebrities in paper? Don’t worry; here you get a chance to see their lifelike wax images of the celebrities. In Grévin museum, you see them in fashion shows, dressing rooms, and even relaxed atmosphere of “Brasserie Parisienne”. Some of the stars you will find here are Ernest Hemingway, Luciano Pavarotti, Pablo Picasso, Naomi Campbell, Jean Reno, Michael Schumacher, Romy Schneider.

Snap shots of the 20th century:
In the snap shots of the 20th century, you can see all the important events that happened in the last 100 years. These immortal photographic shots remind us of all the important events like, the first step on the moon on 24th July 1969, the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, from the first Channel crossing by Louis Bleriot in 1909 to the Football World Cup in 1998.

Grévin’s discovery tour:
Don’t strop with getting amazed on seeing the wax figures, get to know on how they are made. The secrets in making the wax celebrities are revealed in the Grévin’s discovery tour. You can touch the materials like wax, resins, eyes, hair and sense the aroma of hot wax and oil paints and know how the wax figures are made.

The Grévin’s collections: 
The Grévin’s collections are wide, you can see stars and take pictures with them including Celine Dion, Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Charles Chaplin, Dalai Lama, Ray Charles, Albert Einstein, Charles De Gaulle, Mahatma Gandhi, Micheal Jackson, Sébastien Loeb, The Little Prince, Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Lambert Wilson, Aishwarya Räi Bachchan and even Scrat, the little Ice Age squirrel!

For more information on Grevin’s Museum:
For more information on Grévin’s museum’s location, contact information, opening hours, restaurants, admissions, tours, collections, exhibits, events, and accessibility see the Grévin’s museum home page

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